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Tecre Canadian Button Makers

The complete range of Tecre Button Makers & Tecre Button Making supplies are now available in Canada for Canadians. We have the widest range of hobby button making kits and professional button makers available anywhere. We have complete stocks of all Tecre button making supplies including button parts for magnet buttons, keychains, key-ring buttons, Versabacks, Coasters, mirror buttons, magnetic bottle openers and key-chain bottle openers. All manner of items for your American Button Machine.

Tecre Canada for Canadians

Tecre is one of the world's leading manufacturers of button machines, button parts and professional button making equipment. Tecre button makers are now recommended by The Button Guy.

tecre 1 inch button parts 1"

A button maker is a great way to fundraise, promote, raise awareness and profit from a simple well made technology that allows the production of buttons, magnets, keychains, mirrors and bottle openers as well as pin-back buttons using a simple well made Tecre button maker.

tecre shell mylar and pin-back

Button Parts for Tecre MachinesTECRE in Canada for Canadians

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A hobby button making kit, tested and recommended by the Button Guy for low volume or hobby button making - not a solid metal pro button machine!.

Cheap Button Maker Kit

"If you want a pro button maker then I suggest an all metal machine. It is more expensive, but worth it. But if your budget is limited this is the first hobby button making kit that I have tested that actually works. I made more than 500 buttons with the above hobby button maker kit. There was a 96% success rate and 20 buttons failed out of 500. There was a little operator error as these button makers are more crafty or fiddly than the solid metal machines that I am used to. But at this price these button machines work well and are good value. If you're already serious about button making get a solid metal button maker, like the tecre button makers available here but if you're not sure. This is a good low cost option. This machine does take low cost standard tecre button making parts and not expensive badge a minit or chinese button parts." The Button Guy