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VHS Button

Remember VHS tapes? They might not be round like Alf Pogs, records or compact discs (or buttons!) but anything “old” is perfect for making a retro pin-back button.

vhs button, retro pin-back button

You could even cut out pieces of a tape and incorporate it into a real VHS button! Use old technology to make something that is actually even older technology – but unlike tapes, buttons aren’t going away anytime soon.

Astronaut button

Celebrate the advances of scientific knowledge and human exploration! Did you know that as of the new year, it will have only been 45 years since humans first got to the moon?

If you can’t be an astronaut you can at least wear one on your heart with an astronaut button.

astronaut button, space button

Don’t get lost in space, because we are coming back with more space buttons later.¬†Until then, here’s some bloopers from the show Lost in Space

Music Button

Most people don’t listen to music on the radio anymore, especially traditional non internet radio.

music button, radio button, stereo button

This music button unfortunately doesn’t make any noise when you push it.

A stereo? Don’t be surprised if someone doesn’t know what you mean – at least this stereo button shows them what it is! Remind yourself of the oldschool days with a radio button.

Font Buttons

Most people don’t think too much about fonts – but if you aren’t like most people, these font buttons may be for you!

font button, pin-back button

This font button lets everyone know that “Comic Sans is never appropriate”

pin-back button, font button

This pin-back button reads “You’re more perfect than Helvetica”

Go here to buy these buttons.

Computer button

Computers and button makers are often seen as different and opposing machines – but people can use computers to make images for buttons, or to line up text, or to print off multiple copies of a custom design.

computer button, pin-back button, nerd button, geek button

Computer button; or more accurately, this pin-back button shows someone at their computer.

pin-back button, word button

CLICK! This word button shows the sound made by someone using their mouse.

Do you use a computer when you are preparing to use your button maker?

Cell Phone Button

Not the buttons on your cell phone – A pinback button!

This pin-back button shows a common sight on the bus or subway. This person is shouting into the cell phone!

This pin-back button was made from a page from a magazine reading “Noone can hear you scream” Unfortunately the person who made this button did not have access to a pinback button maker large enough to accommodate all the text. Tecre has lots of different sized button makers, perfect for any project.

A pin-back button from People Power Press

“Only a corporate mind could think up watching a TV on a cell phone”

Do you want to make your own pin-back buttons critical of the misuse or overuse of mobile phones? Get your Tecre Button Maker and start using your hands to push a different kind of button!

White Hat Button / Hacker Button

Kevin Mitnick is probably the most well known hacker who wore both hats – A Black Hat is often considered malicious, and some people would classify Anonymous as such. A White Hat is not as well known, but they often improve coding and help keep sites more secure.

white hat button, hacker button, pin-back button

This white hat button was made from a magazine cutout. You can slightly see the text from the other side of the paper showing through this pin-back button. I made this hacker button for a friend.

Take a break from the computer and make some pin-back buttons with your Tecre button maker!