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Bottle Opener

Did you know that Tecre machines can make custom bottle cap openers as well as buttons – All you need are the proper parts.

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You can make custom beer openers for your friends with pictures of themselves, their favourite sports team or TV show – perfect for playing drinking games, and you will never be left without your bottle opener when someone mistakenly walks off with it.

Face buttons

Faces are really photogenic, and with their round shape they work well for making buttons. Here are a couple examples of face buttons.

face button, pin-back button

This face button is a really colourful button!

photo button, face button, pin-back button

This photo button shows part of the film strip. Interesting technique! A face button in black and white is a good contrast to other mostly colourful pin-back buttons.


Bad button

Not all buttons are bad, but this one is!

comic button, bad button, pin-back button

This comic button is a bad button! If you’re wondering why, see if you can notice the top…

pin-back button

… which looks like this at the back of the pin-back button. This is an occasional and unfortunate result of making buttons.

Have you ever made a “bad” button? If so, it happens to everyone, so don’t feel bad! Thankfully Tecre products are high quality, so bad buttons won’t happen often!

Lego buttons

I love Lego and I also love buttons, so I thought this would be a good way to combine the two.

lego button, pin-back button

Black and white Lego button.

Sometimes I get upset when my creation crashes.

face button, pin-back button

This face button shows the frustration faced by people when their Lego tower topples over.

I think making buttons is so much easier than making stuff from Lego. Which do you prefer?

Check out how Lego is made!

Random buttons

Here are some more interesting yet random buttons…

pin-back button, pinback button

Pin-back button of power lines. I like the colouring of the pinback button, even though it’s pretty plain.

numbers, pin-back button, math

Numbers have power! This pin-back button would be a nice present for a math teacher.

spooky button, random button, comic button

This random button is also a spooky button. Pee your pants with a pin-back button!

Random buttons

Buttons often have themes but they don’t need to. Here is a theme of non-themed, super random buttons!

clown button, photo button

A clown button that is far from funny. This photo button shows one sad clown!

colourful button, pin-back button

This colourful button was made from a magazine cut-out. You can make pin-back buttons out of almost any image!

Have you ever made a random button with your button maker? What inspired you to make a button out of something really random?

Spooky Buttons

Halloween may be a long time away, but there’s no reason not to have some spooky buttons for the summer!

graveyard button, goth button, photo button, pin-back button

A photo button of a graveyard. I made this pin-back button for a friend who said they wanted a “goth button”

sunset button, tree button, pin-back button, spooky button

A tree button showing the sunset. This pin-back button is pretty, and pretty spooky!