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LGBT button / Gay button

Pride is approaching, so LGBT presence is going to get even more visible!

What about people who think that Pride celebrations are for “those people” and that they don’t have any connection to Pride?

lgbt button, gay button, queer button

This LGBT button reads “Someone you know is gay”  This pin-back button is a nice reminder for people who might think otherwise.

If you are heterosexual, you can still celebrate Pride, and support the freedom for people to be proud of who they are everyday by being an ally to LGBT people – queer people are in your school, at work, in your family and community!

Do you need buttons for your Pride event? Make your very own custom buttons with a button maker.

LGBT Button

Pride takes place at different times all across the planet, but in Toronto (one of the largest in the world) it takes place in a bit over a month, with the final parade taking place Sunday June 30th

lgbt button, pin-back button, pride button, queer button

LGBT button. This pin-back button was made from a design taken from a local queer magazine.

Buttons are a fun way to fundraise or advertise for your Pride event. Get your button maker here and use it for many Prides to come!

LGBT Military button

LGBT military personnel are unfortunately often discriminated against. Fight against oppression faced by people who want to protect the country with a button showing your solidarity with them.

lgbt military, queer military, gay military

Gay military men are attacked for who they love. Show that you don’t stand for this hate with a pin-back button supporting LGBT military members.

“If two men love each other you despise them, but if they kill each other you salute them… what’s wrong with you?”