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Quotes buttons

Quotes buttons are a way to show others something you feel strongly about.

socrates button, quotes button, philosophy button

This Socrates button reads “The unexamined life is not worth living” This quotes button is perfect for wearing in class, or you can give this philosophy button to your teacher.

pin-back quote button

This pin-back quote button reads “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profundity sick society”

What is your favourite quote? Why don’t you put it onto a pin-back button with your button maker?

Emma Goldman

Emma Goldman was an amazing woman, who fought for equality and freedom despite being deported from the United States. She ended up living in Canada until the end of her life.

A pin-back button of Emma Goldman, who was a pioneering feminist and anarchist.

Pin-back button showing a quote by Emma Goldman – “If Jesus were on Earth, he would surely be in jail”

Do you have a quote from a person you admire which you want to see in button form? Making quotes buttons are easy with your Tecre button maker. As shown by the quality of the pin-back buttons above, they last a long time.

Buttons are great for non-traditional forms of advertising, and it’s more accessible than putting an advertisement in a magazine. You can get buttons in the hands of everyone at your school or in your community!