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Reading button – Book button

February is Black History Month, but it’s also Reading Month.

book button, reading button, book pin-back button, colourful

Remember about Reading Month with a reading button. This book pin-back button is pretty colourful!

You can even make book buttons out of actual books! Just make sure that if it’s not your book that it’s okay with the owner, and if it is your book make sure that you don’t need to use it later for school or something else.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Button

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is one of the most popular books in Children’s Literature, being written in many forms since the first story in 1865.

Did you know there were plays made from the book, in addition to the multiple movies? Now there is also a button! This pin-back button was made from a comic book.

Alice in Wonderland pin-back button

This Alice in Wonderland pin-back button shows her in her element… or out of her element!

When you watch a movie based on a book, do you prefer to read the book first? If there is an abridged/shortened version of the novel, as is the case with Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, are you content with reading that?

You can read the book for free here!