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Education button

School may be the last thing on most minds, seeing as the school year is ending, but we shouldn’t forget about the importance of education everyday.

education button

Green education button – “Defend education. Don’t defund it”

There’s lots of fun ways to learn outside of the classroom, and most don’t cost much. Teachers with small budgets or homeschooling parents can incorporate these ideas into their lesson plans:

– Go on a nature hike and try to identify trees, birds, rocks, and other things using nature books from the library.

– Inquire if your local recycling plant, city hall, paramedic station, fire station or police station does tours.

– When you go to the grocery store, use it as a time to teach math such as addition for the younger kids, multiplication for older kids, as well as fractions and percentages.

What are some inexpensive or free things you do to learn new things or practice skills?