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Valentines Day button

V Day – that’s Valentines Day, not Venereal Disease Day – is coming soon.

Wondering what to get for your friend who you’d like to make more than just a friend? Valentines Day pin-back buttons are a perfect way to pin your potential lover down!┬áThis┬áValentines Day button can be purchased here.

Valentines Day button, Valentines Day pin-back button, square button, love button

Square button for your beautiful someone. This love button will have their heart in your hand.

Like long painted nails? Here’s a neat tutorial on how to make some Valentines Day nail art. Just be sure to paint your nails after making any pin-back buttons.

Santa Claus button

Santa Claus gets so many cookies and glasses of milk – why not leave him something different, like a Santa button?

santa claus button, Santa Claus pin-back button, santa button, holiday button

Santa really enjoys this Santa Claus pin-back button. A Santa button would look wonderful on his suit!

Did you know that Santa Claus lives in Canada? He made sure to come out to the parades that took place last month, early enough to give him time to do last minute preparations back home before Christmas Eve.

Here’s a view of the parade you’ve probably never seen before!

Ho Ho Ho – This season make some holiday buttons with your family. It can become a beautiful tradition.

Advent button

Instead of a traditional Advent calendar, why not make an Advent button calendar?

advent button, advent pin-back button, candle button, button calendar, pin-back button calendar

Making buttons by candlelight might be hard – even if it’s a candle button.

An Advent pin-back button calendar is a good idea for people who can’t eat chocolate or nuts, and it leaves a lasting memory.

You can include photos from previous Christmas seasons and different family members, pictures of kids favourite animals and comic characters – anything you want! Much more personable than a pre-made purchased Advent calendar.

Halloween button

A Halloween button doesn’t need to be scary.

animal pin-back button, cat button, halloween button, fall button

Case in point? This animal pin-back button. I don’t think a cat button could be anything but cute!

Something like this could make a good gift for people who don’t celebrate Halloween but still want to get into the spirit of giving and getting. Make fall buttons for your friends and family and create a new, fun tradition!

Happy Thanksgiving Button

To Canadians celebrating this long weekend, here is a Thanksgiving button.

thanksgiving button, thanksgiving pin-back button, simpsons button

Simpsons button, showing them celebrating what is probably one of Homer Simpsons favourite holidays!

Make Thanksgiving pin-back buttons, and have something – other than your expanding waistline and messy kitchen – to remember the holiday with!