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Maze button

Drawing buttons is another new way to make DIY buttons.

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Marvelous maze button! 

Making a maze pin-back button is simple! All you need is a piece of blank paper and some markers, pencil crayons or other writing tools.

DIY pin-back buttons are great for kids since they can make their own creation, and they’re nice for parents to show off their kids art away from the fridge – but if you want to make magnet buttons of your kids art to hang your kids art up (how meta!) we have the parts for those too!

Sparkle Button

Sparkle buttons are a fun way to switch up traditional DIY buttons using paper.

This red sparkle button was made by placing sparkles directly on the metal button. Afterwards you place the mylar on top and continue making the button as usual.

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Would you make a sparkle pin-back button?