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Conserve Water button

How can you conserve water?

Get creative!

environmental button , water conservation button, conserve water button

An environmental button reading “conserve water – shower together” This is a water conservation button that can crack you up!

Some other simple things you can do include taking a bath instead of a shower, or turning off the water in the shower while you’re washing your hair.

What do you do to be environmentally friendly?

Global Warming button

This global warming button also touches on the topic of using the thing that caused the problem to solve it. It reminds of a quote by Audre Lorde – “The masters tools will never dismantle the masters house”

environmental button, global warming button

An environmental button which reads “Technology caused global warming… it will not solve it”

What do you think is the solution to global warming?

Clean air, Clean water – Environmental button

It’s summer so most of us are spending more time outside. This is a good time to think about our environment – and here’s an environmental button to help people remember!

clean air, clean water, environmental button

This environmental button reads “Clean air, Clean water”

Some simple ways to improve the environment up at the cottage:
– Using a sailboat instead of a gas powered boat
– Not letting waste or cleaning products to get into the lake
– Swapping riding ATV’s for people powered alternatives like mountain bikes
– Make sure empty beer bottles don’t get broken (and bringing them back to the store means getting money for more beer!)

Chemtrail button – Environmental button

Have you seen more chemtrails in the sky lately? This is a phenomenon that is troubling to many people in Canada and across the planet.

chemtrail button, environmental button

This chemtrail button reads “natural plane trails don’t linger! Stop the false cloud formation!”

Environmental buttons, like this chemtrail button, are a good way to let people know what you think about these issues and help inform them.

Bike Button

bike button, environmental button

A bike button with “Live, Ride, Work” surrounding the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle symbol. Encourage your friends to reduce carbon emissions with this environmental button.

Riding a bike instead of driving helps the environment, and also has a positive impact on your health – great cardio and works out your legs. No more need to use those torture devices in the weight room at the gym or do a bunch of squats!

It’s also a good way to save money – no paying for parking or a bus pass. Depending on your activity level, you might even opt to cancel your gym membership.

What motivates you to ride your bike?