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French Button

french pin, french pinback button

This French button is really pretty. This pinback button is made with a single image, but appears to be multi-layered. You can make pin-back buttons with newspaper text cut out and placed ontop of other pictures for a creative and custom button.

Have you made buttons in French or another language? Submit your custom buttoms, and we will post them!

Need a button maker to get started? Get your Tecre button maker here.

Texture Buttons

Buttons don’t need to be boring! Check out these texture buttons.

texture pin-back button, texture pin

This pinback button shows a leaf up close. This texture button is made using a photo, but you can use a real leaf to make a button.

texture pinback button, texture button

This pin-back button reminds me of photos of Earth taken from outer space.

Do you have interesting photos you want to use to make buttons? Get your Tecre button maker and start making your own photo buttons and other custom buttons.

Advertisement Buttons

Turning advertisements into buttons is a great way to turn trash into art! You don’t necessarily need to ad bust an advertisement to make some nice advertisement buttons.

advertisement pin-back button

Pinback button cut out from a condo advertisement. I’m not sure where there is a purple condo, but this pin-back button is pretty!

advertisement pinback button

Pin-back button showing windows. Turn an advertisement into an advertisement button!

Make some advertisement buttons with your Tecre button maker. If you send us pictures of your creations we can post it up on here!

Steampunk Buttons

Steampunk has become pretty popular. Even though the Tecre pin-back button style wasn’t used in the 19th century, here are some Steampunk buttons for this time!

coat button, coat pin, photo pin

This photo button shows a simple style from a simpler time.

comic pin, steampunk pin, clock pin, steampunk pinback button

This comic button is of a steampunk style clock. A clock button can be attached to a chain, so you can pretend you have a pocket watch.

steampunk pin-back button, steampunk pinback button

This steampunk button brings together the fashion with the fascination about time.

Button makers are a fun no-electricity (and no-steam) way of making stuff. Get your Tecre button maker here.

Spring Buttons

Even though this is the time most people don’t want to be indoors, you can still make buttons outside. Pull a table onto the porch and start making buttons with your Tecre button maker. You can even take flowers you find in the garden and press them into buttons. A new, creative twist to putting flowers in a book!

Spring time is a good time to start planting a garden. If you live in Toronto, check out the Toronto Community Gardening Network. It’s a great way to get into gardening, even if the only thing you know how to do with your thumb is switch the TV channel.

garden survivor button

This “Garden Survivor” button was made from a photo taken at the Fort York community garden.

These buttons remind me of springtime because they are really colourful.

button, pin

This pin-back button is really colourful!

The drawing of the person on this button looks like they are cheering – Yay for no more snow!

pin, button

Another colourful pinback button.

Spring officially starts on Wednesday, making this week the longest time before winter starts!

Jack Layton Buttons / NDP Buttons

We have these Jack Layton pin-back buttons hanging up at the shop, and wanted to show them with others.

Jack Layton pin

This pinback button reads “Jack may be dead but his ideas live on”

Jack Layton pin

This photo button is of Jack, the former leader of the NDP party.

Do you collect political buttons? If you have any election buttons you made using your Tecre button maker, send us a photo!

Oh Canada Buttons

We found a few pin-back buttons from a collection of Canadian buttons, made with the Tecre button maker.

Canadian pins, Political pins

Several strong messages on pin-back buttons

These pinback buttons read:
Oh Canada – Our home on Native land
Oh Canada – Pawn of U.S. Tyranny
Oh Canada – The foot soldier of U.S. World Domination

What is the most bold button you’ve seen? Send us a photo!

6 Inch Button Maker

Tecre makes a bunch of different sized button makers, but their 6 inch is the biggest.

button machine

Here’s what the button maker looks like… Ready to go!

6 inch button machine

The 6 inch button machine is half a foot of pin-back button fun!

tecre button machine

Pressing the pinback button… Almost done!

As you can see from the size of my hand compared to the button, the 6 inch button makers are BIG!

Making Buttons – Fix Stuff button

Making buttons is simple with your Tecre button maker.


Tecre button paper cutters cut paper quickly.


Button paper cutter machines are great for making lots of custom buttons at once


Almost done! It only takes seconds to make a button with your Tecre button maker.

This Fix Stuff button was made from the Button Book for Schools.