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May Day button

May 1st is known as May Day or International Workers Day. It’s similar to Labour Day – many countries don’t observe the September holiday, so Canadians get two days to celebrate the achievements of the workers movement and fight for our rights in the future!

May Day button, May Day pin-back button, political buttons

This May Day pin-back button reads “You have nothing to loose but your chains”. Marches are a good place to see lots of May Day buttons and other political buttons.

Are you doing anything for May Day?

I Love Cats

Do you like cats? I love cats, but unfortunately I am allergic to their fur. Thankfully I don’t have a button allergy!

cat button, pin-back button, comic button

A comic button combining my two loves – art and cats! This cat button is of a white cat. Apparently black cats are bad luck, so this pin-back button must be really lucky!

heart button, pin-back button

A heart button, taken from a drawing in a magazine. This pin-back button looks really interesting; it even has an eye to look with!


Quotes buttons

Quotes buttons are a way to show others something you feel strongly about.

socrates button, quotes button, philosophy button

This Socrates button reads “The unexamined life is not worth living” This quotes button is perfect for wearing in class, or you can give this philosophy button to your teacher.

pin-back quote button

This pin-back quote button reads “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profundity sick society”

What is your favourite quote? Why don’t you put it onto a pin-back button with your button maker?

Earth Day button

Earth Day is Monday April 22nd.

It’s a time for people to think about how what they do (or don’t do) affects the planet, and what changes we can make to improve the lives of everyone and everything on Earth.

environmental button, pin-back button, earth day button

This environmental button reads “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you” and shows a hand held up above an image of the Earth, to say ‘Stop!’ This pin-back button is great for Earth Day, or any day!

Get Earth Day buttons and other environmental buttons here or get a button maker and make your own custom buttons.

Marijuana Button

Fourth button for 420!

weed button, marijuana button, pot button

Weed button reading “Fuck the law. Smoke it anyway!” But you might prefer for the police to not see this pot button.

What are you planning on doing tomorrow at this time?

Don’t space out about Earth Day on Monday. Celebrate the best planet in this part of outer space, and help keep it that way!

BDSM button

If all you are wearing is a leather thong, it may be hard to put this pin-back button on…

BDSM pin-back button, BDSM button

This BDSM pin-back button reads “Sticks and stones may break my bones… but whips and chains excite me”

If you’re too embarrassed to buy a BDSM button, maybe making one with your button maker might be a better idea. You can make your own personalized button, so you’re sure to be the only one wearing it – at least until your clothes aren’t being worn anymore!