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Simpsons Buttons

The Simpsons is one of the longest running television shows in history, other than news shows. It ties with C.O.P.S., which also started in 1989.

Simpsons buttons, Television buttons

Some Simpsons buttons. Television buttons are a way to show what shows you watch.

Can you remember what you used to do on Sunday nights before the Simpsons was on the air?

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Button

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is one of the most popular books in Children’s Literature, being written in many forms since the first story in 1865.

Did you know there were plays made from the book, in addition to the multiple movies? Now there is also a button! This pin-back button was made from a comic book.

Alice in Wonderland pin-back button

This Alice in Wonderland pin-back button shows her in her element… or out of her element!

When you watch a movie based on a book, do you prefer to read the book first? If there is an abridged/shortened version of the novel, as is the case with Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, are you content with reading that?

You can read the book for free here!

Bike Button

bike button, environmental button

A bike button with “Live, Ride, Work” surrounding the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle symbol. Encourage your friends to reduce carbon emissions with this environmental button.

Riding a bike instead of driving helps the environment, and also has a positive impact on your health – great cardio and works out your legs. No more need to use those torture devices in the weight room at the gym or do a bunch of squats!

It’s also a good way to save money – no paying for parking or a bus pass. Depending on your activity level, you might even opt to cancel your gym membership.

What motivates you to ride your bike?

Education button

School may be the last thing on most minds, seeing as the school year is ending, but we shouldn’t forget about the importance of education everyday.

education button

Green education button – “Defend education. Don’t defund it”

There’s lots of fun ways to learn outside of the classroom, and most don’t cost much. Teachers with small budgets or homeschooling parents can incorporate these ideas into their lesson plans:

– Go on a nature hike and try to identify trees, birds, rocks, and other things using nature books from the library.

– Inquire if your local recycling plant, city hall, paramedic station, fire station or police station does tours.

– When you go to the grocery store, use it as a time to teach math such as addition for the younger kids, multiplication for older kids, as well as fractions and percentages.

What are some inexpensive or free things you do to learn new things or practice skills?

Face buttons

Faces are really photogenic, and with their round shape they work well for making buttons. Here are a couple examples of face buttons.

face button, pin-back button

This face button is a really colourful button!

photo button, face button, pin-back button

This photo button shows part of the film strip. Interesting technique! A face button in black and white is a good contrast to other mostly colourful pin-back buttons.


Computer button

Computers and button makers are often seen as different and opposing machines – but people can use computers to make images for buttons, or to line up text, or to print off multiple copies of a custom design.

computer button, pin-back button, nerd button, geek button

Computer button; or more accurately, this pin-back button shows someone at their computer.

pin-back button, word button

CLICK! This word button shows the sound made by someone using their mouse.

Do you use a computer when you are preparing to use your button maker?

LGBT Button

Pride takes place at different times all across the planet, but in Toronto (one of the largest in the world) it takes place in a bit over a month, with the final parade taking place Sunday June 30th

lgbt button, pin-back button, pride button, queer button

LGBT button. This pin-back button was made from a design taken from a local queer magazine.

Buttons are a fun way to fundraise or advertise for your Pride event. Get your button maker here and use it for many Prides to come!