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Aboriginal Buttons, First Nations Buttons, Native Buttons

June 21st is the first day of summer, or the Solstice – but did you know it is also Aboriginal Day?

Aboriginal Buttons, First Nations Buttons, Native Buttons

This Aboriginal button says “Oh Canada – Our Home on Native Land” Show solidarity by wearing a First Nations button!

Aboriginal Buttons, First Nations Buttons, Native Buttons, medicine wheel

A Native button of the Medicine Wheel.

Learn more about the Medicine Wheel and find out more by checking out celebrations in your community.

Global Warming button

This global warming button also touches on the topic of using the thing that caused the problem to solve it. It reminds of a quote by Audre Lorde – “The masters tools will never dismantle the masters house”

environmental button, global warming button

An environmental button which reads “Technology caused global warming… it will not solve it”

What do you think is the solution to global warming?

Poverty button and Anti Capitalism button

This poverty buttons may be older, but the message is unfortunately still valid today.

poverty button, anti capitalism button,  pin-back button

Poverty button which reads “Gourmet coffee or a few bucks for the person on the street – The choice should be clear”

I would love to have an office job, if only to wear this on my suit vest!

corporate coffee, anti capitalism button, pin-back button

This anti capitalist button reads “Wake up and smell the corporate coffee”

Get a button maker and make your own political buttons and anti capitalism buttons. Pin-back buttons are a low-cost way to generate interest in your cause; and because we live in a capitalist world, they’re also a good way to generate income needed to further your cause.

Clean air, Clean water – Environmental button

It’s summer so most of us are spending more time outside. This is a good time to think about our environment – and here’s an environmental button to help people remember!

clean air, clean water, environmental button

This environmental button reads “Clean air, Clean water”

Some simple ways to improve the environment up at the cottage:
– Using a sailboat instead of a gas powered boat
– Not letting waste or cleaning products to get into the lake
– Swapping riding ATV’s for people powered alternatives like mountain bikes
– Make sure empty beer bottles don’t get broken (and bringing them back to the store means getting money for more beer!)

Chemtrail button – Environmental button

Have you seen more chemtrails in the sky lately? This is a phenomenon that is troubling to many people in Canada and across the planet.

chemtrail button, environmental button

This chemtrail button reads “natural plane trails don’t linger! Stop the false cloud formation!”

Environmental buttons, like this chemtrail button, are a good way to let people know what you think about these issues and help inform them.

Font Buttons

Most people don’t think too much about fonts – but if you aren’t like most people, these font buttons may be for you!

font button, pin-back button

This font button lets everyone know that “Comic Sans is never appropriate”

pin-back button, font button

This pin-back button reads “You’re more perfect than Helvetica”

Go here to buy these buttons.