Monthly Archives: October 2013

Halloween button

A Halloween button doesn’t need to be scary.

animal pin-back button, cat button, halloween button, fall button

Case in point? This animal pin-back button. I don’t think a cat button could be anything but cute!

Something like this could make a good gift for people who don’t celebrate Halloween but still want to get into the spirit of giving and getting. Make fall buttons for your friends and family and create a new, fun tradition!

Gasmask Button

Red button with a bit of rust on the edge. I wonder what button maker was used to make this gasmask button…

gasmask button, red button, steampunk button

I think this could be classified as a steampunk button. All that steam, and being so high in an airship, I believe one would need a gasmask. The oldness of the button just adds to the appearance. What do you think?

Happy Thanksgiving Button

To Canadians celebrating this long weekend, here is a Thanksgiving button.

thanksgiving button, thanksgiving pin-back button, simpsons button

Simpsons button, showing them celebrating what is probably one of Homer Simpsons favourite holidays!

Make Thanksgiving pin-back buttons, and have something – other than your expanding waistline and messy kitchen – to remember the holiday with!