Monthly Archives: November 2013

Advent button

Instead of a traditional Advent calendar, why not make an Advent button calendar?

advent button, advent pin-back button, candle button, button calendar, pin-back button calendar

Making buttons by candlelight might be hard – even if it’s a candle button.

An Advent pin-back button calendar is a good idea for people who can’t eat chocolate or nuts, and it leaves a lasting memory.

You can include photos from previous Christmas seasons and different family members, pictures of kids favourite animals and comic characters – anything you want! Much more personable than a pre-made purchased Advent calendar.

VHS Button

Remember VHS tapes? They might not be round like Alf Pogs, records or compact discs (or buttons!) but anything “old” is perfect for making a retro pin-back button.

vhs button, retro pin-back button

You could even cut out pieces of a tape and incorporate it into a real VHS button! Use old technology to make something that is actually even older technology – but unlike tapes, buttons aren’t going away anytime soon.

Remembrance Day button

Remembrance Day is celebrated all across the world. In some places it is called something else; such as in the United States, it is called Veterans Day.

Remembrance Day button, veterans button

And that’s what¬†Remembrance Day is about – remembering the sacrifice veterans made.

In Canada and the UK as well as the United States people often wear poppies. If you want to create a mark of remembrance around the year, why not make a veterans button?

Astronaut button

Celebrate the advances of scientific knowledge and human exploration! Did you know that as of the new year, it will have only been 45 years since humans first got to the moon?

If you can’t be an astronaut you can at least wear one on your heart with an astronaut button.

astronaut button, space button

Don’t get lost in space, because we are coming back with more space buttons later.¬†Until then, here’s some bloopers from the show Lost in Space