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Reading button – Book button

February is Black History Month, but it’s also Reading Month.

book button, reading button, book pin-back button, colourful

Remember about Reading Month with a reading button. This book pin-back button is pretty colourful!

You can even make book buttons out of actual books! Just make sure that if it’s not your book that it’s okay with the owner, and if it is your book make sure that you don’t need to use it later for school or something else.

Unknown Old Man button

This old man button looks like someone who stepped out of a time before pin-back buttons – and they have been around since before the patent was made way back in 1896

black and white button, old man button, cut out, pin-back button, drawing

This black and white button was cut out of an unknown source. Do you recognize it?

Do you ever come across buttons you don’t recognize but like for one reason or another – the drawing, colour, shape, or something else? Does the fact that you don’t know where it came from make you like it more?

Maze button

Drawing buttons is another new way to make DIY buttons.

diy button, DIY pin-back buttons, drawing button, maze button, maze pin-back button, kids, button

Marvelous maze button! 

Making a maze pin-back button is simple! All you need is a piece of blank paper and some markers, pencil crayons or other writing tools.

DIY pin-back buttons are great for kids since they can make their own creation, and they’re nice for parents to show off their kids art away from the fridge – but if you want to make magnet buttons of your kids art to hang your kids art up (how meta!) we have the parts for those too!

Sparkle Button

Sparkle buttons are a fun way to switch up traditional DIY buttons using paper.

This red sparkle button was made by placing sparkles directly on the metal button. Afterwards you place the mylar on top and continue making the button as usual.

sparkle button, metal button, red sparkle button , sparkle pin-back button, DIY button

Would you make a sparkle pin-back button?

Bottle Opener

Did you know that Tecre machines can make custom bottle cap openers as well as buttons – All you need are the proper parts.

custom beer openers, beer opener, bottle cap opener, custom bottle cap openers, bottle opener custom beer openers, beer opener, bottle cap opener, custom bottle cap openers, bottle opener

You can make custom beer openers for your friends with pictures of themselves, their favourite sports team or TV show – perfect for playing drinking games, and you will never be left without your bottle opener when someone mistakenly walks off with it.