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Eating Disorder Button

February 23rd to March 1st is Eating Disorder Awareness Week

An eating disorder survivor button is a positive way of showing the strength that comes with overcoming something like bulimia or anorexia.

square button, ed button, eating disorder button, eating disorder survivor button, survivor button, warrior, bulimia, anorexia

This ED button, or eating disorder button, says “Warrior” A square button for someone who won’t be kept in the box!

Did you know that there are more ED’s than just anorexia and bulimia? Some other forms of Eating Disorders include:

Drunkorexia is a condition where people can drink with the purpose of it making them vomit, or when people count alcohol calories to the point that they restrict other drinks and food to control overall calorie intake.

Diabulimia is when people with Type 1 Diabetes take less insulin than needed with the intent to loose weight.

Males and younger people are often overlooked when it comes to Eating Disorders, but recently there has been a rise in the number of both children and males who are diagnosed with ED’s.

Please be mindful that this video, I’m a Boy Anorexic, could be triggering.

Black History Month button – Feminist button

When lots of people think about Black History the first thing they think of is “race” If you ask about other terms, you may hear “slavery” or “liberation” but you might not think of the Womens Movement.

First Wave feminism was arguably very Caucasian, however some Second Wave feminists recognized the intersectionality of oppression and took strides to be anti-racist.

Dorthy Pitman is an amazing woman who has, among other things:
* Co-founded the Ms. Magazine, one of the first feminist magazines.
* Assembled the first shelter for women affected by physical violence in New York City.
* Co-created the Womens Action Alliance, a second wave group which helped women work on projects such as the shelter in New York.

Dorthy worked with Gloria Steinem, both of whom can be seen in this feminist pin-back button.

Dorothy Pitman, Gloria Steinem button, political pin-back button, political buttons, Black History Month pin-back button, Black History Month button

The power of a political pin-back button should not be underestimated. Pow! This Dorthy Pitman and Gloria Steinem button is a great feminist button.

You can get this Black History Month pin-back button here, as well as other political buttons. Celebrate Black History Month and show your support with a Black History Month button!

Valentines Day button

V Day – that’s Valentines Day, not Venereal Disease Day – is coming soon.

Wondering what to get for your friend who you’d like to make more than just a friend? Valentines Day pin-back buttons are a perfect way to pin your potential lover down! This Valentines Day button can be purchased here.

Valentines Day button, Valentines Day pin-back button, square button, love button

Square button for your beautiful someone. This love button will have their heart in your hand.

Like long painted nails? Here’s a neat tutorial on how to make some Valentines Day nail art. Just be sure to paint your nails after making any pin-back buttons.