Black History Month button – Feminist button

When lots of people think about Black History the first thing they think of is “race” If you ask about other terms, you may hear “slavery” or “liberation” but you might not think of the Womens Movement.

First Wave feminism was arguably very Caucasian, however some Second Wave feminists recognized the intersectionality of oppression and took strides to be anti-racist.

Dorthy Pitman is an amazing woman who has, among other things:
* Co-founded the Ms. Magazine, one of the first feminist magazines.
* Assembled the first shelter for women affected by physical violence in New York City.
* Co-created the Womens Action Alliance, a second wave group which helped women work on projects such as the shelter in New York.

Dorthy worked with Gloria Steinem, both of whom can be seen in this feminist pin-back button.

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The power of a political pin-back button should not be underestimated. Pow! This Dorthy Pitman and Gloria Steinem button is a great feminist button.

You can get this Black History Month pin-back button here, as well as other political buttons. Celebrate Black History Month and show your support with a Black History Month button!

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