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Ski button – Skiing button

When you get tired of skiing this winter, or when there isn’t enough snow to go on the slopes, make a ski pin-back button!

Super skills shown on this skiing pin-back button.

Super skills shown on this skiing pin-back button! A ski button can remind you of the slopes even when you’re stuck in school or work.

Did you know that skiing has been around since 6000BC? While it used to be used more for transportation than fun, skiing is a useful way to move around terrain that is difficult to navigate. In the winter we often stay indoors, not exercising or socializing as much, but skiing can be a great way to get moving with friends and family.

Give the skier you know a skiing button – it’s way cheaper than buying some skis! You can even buy a pre-made one here.

Advent button

Instead of a traditional Advent calendar, why not make an Advent button calendar?

advent button, advent pin-back button, candle button, button calendar, pin-back button calendar

Making buttons by candlelight might be hard – even if it’s a candle button.

An Advent pin-back button calendar is a good idea for people who can’t eat chocolate or nuts, and it leaves a lasting memory.

You can include photos from previous Christmas seasons and different family members, pictures of kids favourite animals and comic characters – anything you want! Much more personable than a pre-made purchased Advent calendar.

VHS Button

Remember VHS tapes? They might not be round like Alf Pogs, records or compact discs (or buttons!) but anything “old” is perfect for making a retro pin-back button.

vhs button, retro pin-back button

You could even cut out pieces of a tape and incorporate it into a real VHS button! Use old technology to make something that is actually even older technology – but unlike tapes, buttons aren’t going away anytime soon.

Halloween button

A Halloween button doesn’t need to be scary.

animal pin-back button, cat button, halloween button, fall button

Case in point? This animal pin-back button. I don’t think a cat button could be anything but cute!

Something like this could make a good gift for people who don’t celebrate Halloween but still want to get into the spirit of giving and getting. Make fall buttons for your friends and family and create a new, fun tradition!

Conserve Water button

How can you conserve water?

Get creative!

environmental button , water conservation button, conserve water button

An environmental button reading “conserve water – shower together” This is a water conservation button that can crack you up!

Some other simple things you can do include taking a bath instead of a shower, or turning off the water in the shower while you’re washing your hair.

What do you do to be environmentally friendly?

Aboriginal Buttons, First Nations Buttons, Native Buttons

June 21st is the first day of summer, or the Solstice – but did you know it is also Aboriginal Day?

Aboriginal Buttons, First Nations Buttons, Native Buttons

This Aboriginal button says “Oh Canada – Our Home on Native Land” Show solidarity by wearing a First Nations button!

Aboriginal Buttons, First Nations Buttons, Native Buttons, medicine wheel

A Native button of the Medicine Wheel.

Learn more about the Medicine Wheel and find out more by checking out celebrations in your community.