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Remembrance Day button

Remembrance Day is celebrated all across the world. In some places it is called something else; such as in the United States, it is called Veterans Day.

Remembrance Day button, veterans button

And that’s what Remembrance Day is about – remembering the sacrifice veterans made.

In Canada and the UK as well as the United States people often wear poppies. If you want to create a mark of remembrance around the year, why not make a veterans button?

Bike Button

bike button, environmental button

A bike button with “Live, Ride, Work” surrounding the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle symbol. Encourage your friends to reduce carbon emissions with this environmental button.

Riding a bike instead of driving helps the environment, and also has a positive impact on your health – great cardio and works out your legs. No more need to use those torture devices in the weight room at the gym or do a bunch of squats!

It’s also a good way to save money – no paying for parking or a bus pass. Depending on your activity level, you might even opt to cancel your gym membership.

What motivates you to ride your bike?

May Day button

May 1st is known as May Day or International Workers Day. It’s similar to Labour Day – many countries don’t observe the September holiday, so Canadians get two days to celebrate the achievements of the workers movement and fight for our rights in the future!

May Day button, May Day pin-back button, political buttons

This May Day pin-back button reads “You have nothing to loose but your chains”. Marches are a good place to see lots of May Day buttons and other political buttons.

Are you doing anything for May Day?

Chris Hadfield Button

Chris Hadfield is the first person, other than an American or Russian, to be the Commander of the International Space Station. He is currently several months into his almost half year mission, so he will be coming back into contact with soil soon – just in time for summer!

To celebrate this amazing Canadian, I made this pinback button.

Pin-back button of Commander Chris Hadfield. This custom button was made in minutes using the Tecre button maker.

Tecre has the best products in the button making market – perfect for the best person on and off of this planet!

White Hat Button / Hacker Button

Kevin Mitnick is probably the most well known hacker who wore both hats – A Black Hat is often considered malicious, and some people would classify Anonymous as such. A White Hat is not as well known, but they often improve coding and help keep sites more secure.

white hat button, hacker button, pin-back button

This white hat button was made from a magazine cutout. You can slightly see the text from the other side of the paper showing through this pin-back button. I made this hacker button for a friend.

Take a break from the computer and make some pin-back buttons with your Tecre button maker!

French Button

french pin, french pinback button

This French button is really pretty. This pinback button is made with a single image, but appears to be multi-layered. You can make pin-back buttons with newspaper text cut out and placed ontop of other pictures for a creative and custom button.

Have you made buttons in French or another language? Submit your custom buttoms, and we will post them!

Need a button maker to get started? Get your Tecre button maker here.

Jack Layton Buttons / NDP Buttons

We have these Jack Layton pin-back buttons hanging up at the shop, and wanted to show them with others.

Jack Layton pin

This pinback button reads “Jack may be dead but his ideas live on”

Jack Layton pin

This photo button is of Jack, the former leader of the NDP party.

Do you collect political buttons? If you have any election buttons you made using your Tecre button maker, send us a photo!