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Black History Month button – Feminist button

When lots of people think about Black History the first thing they think of is “race” If you ask about other terms, you may hear “slavery” or “liberation” but you might not think of the Womens Movement.

First Wave feminism was arguably very Caucasian, however some Second Wave feminists recognized the intersectionality of oppression and took strides to be anti-racist.

Dorthy Pitman is an amazing woman who has, among other things:
* Co-founded the Ms. Magazine, one of the first feminist magazines.
* Assembled the first shelter for women affected by physical violence in New York City.
* Co-created the Womens Action Alliance, a second wave group which helped women work on projects such as the shelter in New York.

Dorthy worked with Gloria Steinem, both of whom can be seen in this feminist pin-back button.

Dorothy Pitman, Gloria Steinem button, political pin-back button, political buttons, Black History Month pin-back button, Black History Month button

The power of a political pin-back button should not be underestimated. Pow! This Dorthy Pitman and Gloria Steinem button is a great feminist button.

You can get this Black History Month pin-back button here, as well as other political buttons. Celebrate Black History Month and show your support with a Black History Month button!

Remembrance Day button

Remembrance Day is celebrated all across the world. In some places it is called something else; such as in the United States, it is called Veterans Day.

Remembrance Day button, veterans button

And that’s what¬†Remembrance Day is about – remembering the sacrifice veterans made.

In Canada and the UK as well as the United States people often wear poppies. If you want to create a mark of remembrance around the year, why not make a veterans button?

Aboriginal Buttons, First Nations Buttons, Native Buttons

June 21st is the first day of summer, or the Solstice – but did you know it is also Aboriginal Day?

Aboriginal Buttons, First Nations Buttons, Native Buttons

This Aboriginal button says “Oh Canada – Our Home on Native Land” Show solidarity by wearing a First Nations button!

Aboriginal Buttons, First Nations Buttons, Native Buttons, medicine wheel

A Native button of the Medicine Wheel.

Learn more about the Medicine Wheel and find out more by checking out celebrations in your community.

Poverty button and Anti Capitalism button

This poverty buttons may be older, but the message is unfortunately still valid today.

poverty button, anti capitalism button,  pin-back button

Poverty button which reads “Gourmet coffee or a few bucks for the person on the street – The choice should be clear”

I would love to have an office job, if only to wear this on my suit vest!

corporate coffee, anti capitalism button, pin-back button

This anti capitalist button reads “Wake up and smell the corporate coffee”

Get a button maker and make your own political buttons and anti capitalism buttons. Pin-back buttons are a low-cost way to generate interest in your cause; and because we live in a capitalist world, they’re also a good way to generate income needed to further your cause.

Religion Button

This button could be interpreted in multiple ways – as a protest to Intelligent Design being taught in science classrooms, or to support Pro-Choice and abortion rights.

religion button, pro-choice, science

This religion button reads “Keep your theology off my biology”

I like buttons that can have different meanings, and that can create different discussions. Have you ever been able to start a conversation after someone read your button? Buttons are also a good way to let people know your views when you aren’t able to speak with them.

Get a button maker to get started on making buttons for your event or organization!

Religion being taught in school is a debate everywhere:

May Day button

May 1st is known as May Day or International Workers Day. It’s similar to Labour Day – many countries don’t observe the September holiday, so Canadians get two days to celebrate the achievements of the workers movement and fight for our rights in the future!

May Day button, May Day pin-back button, political buttons

This May Day pin-back button reads “You have nothing to loose but your chains”. Marches are a good place to see lots of May Day buttons and other political buttons.

Are you doing anything for May Day?

LGBT Military button

LGBT military personnel are unfortunately often discriminated against. Fight against oppression faced by people who want to protect the country with a button showing your solidarity with them.

lgbt military, queer military, gay military

Gay military men are attacked for who they love. Show that you don’t stand for this hate with a pin-back button supporting LGBT military members.

“If two men love each other you despise them, but if they kill each other you salute them… what’s wrong with you?”